Personal Training


In order for the program to be effective you must be committed to training for a minimum of 6 weeks up to 2 x PT sessions per week and 1 x group class, or a minimum of 1 x PT session per week plus 2 x group classes. The 6 Week Program is broken down into:


  • Initial 90 minute consultation – includes a body composition assessment, fitness testing, flexibility and mobility testing, boxing skills assessment nutritional consultation, injury rehabilitation program. We will also help you identify your personal health and fitness goals and put together S.M.A.R.T objectives to help you reach them.
  • Assessment results – following your assessment you will receive your full results within 48 hours, complete with graphs and data to show you where your strengths and weaknesses are. You will also receive a fully detailed plan which will highlight your training type, frequency and ratio of cardiovascular to strength training.

Download our fitness test and see how quickly you can complete it!

  • Personalised workout plan – your 6 week program will include a workout timetable along with your main exercises for strength, cardiovascular and flexibility/mobility development. It will also include specific boxing drills to help you improve your skill level, along with exercises that you can do at home to complement your PT sessions.

  • Nutritional advice – alongside your personalized workout plan you will also receive specific nutritional advice and support on a weekly basis. You will be required to complete a nutritional diary which will be checked weekly for any necessary alterations to your diet.

Download our 7 day food diary template

  • End of 6 week assessment – at the end of the 6 weeks we will go through another assessment of your body composition, fitness testing, flexibility and mobility testing, boxing skills assessment and injury assessment. We will then compare your results with your initial assessment to show you how much you have improved!


  • After the final assessment? – at the end of your program if you wish to continue your PT sessions we can write you a long-term program, which will be reviewed every 3 months. You can take this program and follow it on your own or you can combine it with more PT sessions to best suit your schedule.


  • Are You Injured? – Some of our clients suffer from a long-term injury which they are managing while also doing boxing. If you suffer from a chronic injury we can assist you by prescribing a program which takes into account your current limitations. We also incorporate rehabilitation exercises into your session which you can also do yourself at home to help speed up your recovery, while also ensuring that you can train with us safely and effectively.