Personal Training

Personal trainining with very experienced instructors to learn the techniques and fitness routines which got them and their clients to reach their goals. Whether you are a beginner or a professional boxer, we have the right trainer for you to work with, who will guide, support and encourage you to get the best out of your body through technical boxing drills, a solid strength and cardio program and nutritional advice.


Why Train With Us?

-We offer our a unique training program which has gotten results for beginner boxer and professional champions alike.

-All of our instructors have enourmous experience in the sport of boxing and some have compete at the highest interntaional levels.

-Our training programs include a wide range of benefits including but not limited to online support via YouTube, phone support, personalised strength and nutritional programs.

-We have worked with models, actors, writers, directors, professional athletes and fitness instructors who gained results from our training programs


Our Clients

Our roster of clients and teammates include everyone from amateur boxing champions all the way to world boxing champions. Most notably, we frequently work with friend and teammate WBC silver world champion Ohara Davies, in order to prepare him for world championship fights.


Champion Instructors

Train one-on-one with experienced boxing coaches who have actually competed in the sport, and learn the secrets which got them to the top of the national and international amateur boxing scene.

Our founder Carlos Moreno has boxed all around the world and has worked with everyone from professional world boxing champions to celebrity clients, to children who’s parents wanted them to stay active.