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Technical Intensive Boxing®

A distinctly innovative boxing class utilising a proven method of 'drilling' to teach, refine and produce excellent technique.

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Intensive Boxing Cross Training®

A revolutionary type of boxing class which mixes cross training and boxing to create a uniquely challenging environment.

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BE! Moreno Activewear®

Boxing specific clothing designed for comfort, durability and style.

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Moreno Boxing TV ™

Official YouTube channel featuring workouts, tutorials and fight videos.

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What We Do


We understand that taking up boxing for the first time can be very intimidating as you may not know what to expect. We know that you want to be challenged and learn the proper technique but at the same time you don’t want to walk into an unfriendly and dangerous environment. If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that people who take up boxing don’t always want to become fighters but yet don’t want to waste time with instructors who don’t teach them proper boxing either. Our solution to this problem was to develop TIB training® and IBXT training®, 2 innovative programmes that balance out boxing technique and fitness.

Our Trainers

Carlos Moreno

Founding Director

Adrian Petrick

Senior TIB & IBXT Instructor

Ohara ‘Two Tanks’ Davies

WBC Silver World Champion

Olga Tucakov

Senior IBXT Instructor

Craig West

Simon Zhao

Marketing Manager

Aarron Ovid

Senior TIB Instructor

kaman Ekpo

Tom Cittern Suddaby

Solomon Adeyi

Jon Mcmahon


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