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Not only a great addition to our boxing gym, many athletes cannot say enough amazing things about the benefits of yoga. From increasing your flexibility, to aiding with aching muscles recovery, Yoga not only helps strengthen the body but it has incredible health benefits for the mind also.

The Greeks were on to something when they said ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and we second that with this 60-minute yoga flow to compliment your boxing training. Yoga is the connection of the mind and body and in our classes we aim to bring our students awareness into the present moment to allow them to become the strongest version of themselves, both physically and mentally.

We can provide modifications tailored to the needs of each individual for specific postures and aim to teach each student to tune into their own body and what it is they they need from our classes. Each session will also include a short meditation or relaxation at the end to encourage you to find a moment of stillness.