Our mission is simple: we want to offer the best technical boxing training experience to people of all levels by sharing our knowledge, while offering a bespoke and unique training program that is efficient and well structured. We want to help improve people’s quality of life through boxing training by training the body, sharpening the mind and fortifying a disciplined spirit.

Carlos Moreno 

Founding Director


Carlos Moreno is an experienced and dedicated trainer who has been boxing competitively for 8 years and coaching boxing for 7 years.

  • 2018 BBBoC Professional Boxing Trainer License

  • 2018 Trainer of WBA & WBC International Champion Ohara Davies

  • 2014 Portuguese Elite National Champion

  • 2014 Swedish International Cup Champion

  • 2013 Ranked Number 8 in England & London Elite Championship Semi-finalist

  • 2012 Cyprus International Cup Champion

  • 2009 London Haringey International Cup Champion

  • 2009 Essex University Boxing Club Captain

  • 2008 England Novice London Champion & National Semi-finalist

Thomas Cittern Suddaby

Director of Operations


Thomas started boxing at the age of 16 under the tutelage of Carlos Moreno and has been an avid boxing enthusiast ever since. He has spent the last few years pouring his energy into powerlifting and boxing and has recently become a qualified personal trainer.

Tom has been competing in white collar boxing in preparation for the amateur boxing league where he hopes to make his mark on the national scene. An extremely technical coach, he flourishes as not only a fighter and coach but as a manager who dedicated to ensuring our gyms run successfully.

  • level 2 gym instructor

  • 2-0 undefeated white collar boxer

  • Advanced diploma in personal training with YMCA

Solomon Adeyi

Senior Boxing Instructor


Solomon Adeyi is a competitive amateur boxer at the famous Repton Boxing Club in East London but he did not always start out at fighter. At a young age, Solomon wanted to become a boxer but his mother looked upon boxing as an unecessary risk for her dear boxing, however despite this Solomon was determined, as he put it:

"After watching Froch vs Groves II, I decided enough is enough. That is when the flame was ignited beyond my belief and it was time to put my passion for the sport to the test."

  • BSc Hons in Sport Studies

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Adrian Petrik

Senior Boxing Instructor & Physiotherapist


Adrian was boxing as an amateur boxer in his home country Slovakia before he decided to move to the UK to study sports sciences at university, where he also continued his boxing training and started coaching on a 1-2-1 basis.

  • Studying PhD in Sports Sciences

  • BSc Degree in Sports Science

  • ABA Boxing Coaching Level 1

  • CYQ Fitness Instructor Level 2

  • Btech Level 3 National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science

  • FA Football Coach Level 3

  • NVQ in Sports Leadership

  • Slovakian National Therapist Diploma

Aron Sweeney

Senior Boxing & MMA Instructor


Aron started Mixed martial arts at the age of 5 In Hoxton where he later became a junior black belt, he then decided to switch to boxing at the age of 16 and has recently started amateur boxing.

Now 19 he has been a personal trainer for 3 years and aims to help everyone leave the gym more technical in boxing and help you sleep like a baby when you get home.

  • Junior black belt (MMA)

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Level 3 personal trainer

Craig West

Senior Boxing Instructor


To Craig there's nothing sweeter than the sweet science of boxing and it's different technical aspects of footwork, ring-craft, sharpness and bio-mechanics. These finer points is what Craig likes to focus on in order to embody the true essence of boxing when teaching the art.

  • 6 Amateur boxing competitions

  • Level 3 personal trainer

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Nutritional advisor

  • FA level 1 football coach

Huseyin Arslan

Boxing Instructor & Massage Therapist


Huseyin started boxing at the age of 11 in Arches Boxing club training with Rod Douglas a former Gold medallist in the 1986 Commonwealth Games and 1984 summer Olympics quarter finalist. He is currently a competitive boxer at Power Punch Boxing Academy. Huseyin is specialized in the technical and the bio-mechanics of boxing, he will break down every step to give you a better insight of the sport and help you understand the fundamentals of how to hit and not get hit.

  • Boxed in the Turkish National Championship

  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching & Fitness).

  • ABA Boxing Coaching Level 1

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Abdul Shaker

Boxing Instructor


Abdul has been boxing from the age of 12, since then he has had 5 amateur bouts, 7 white collar fights and 9 charity fights. Now a boxing coach, Abdul focuses on training amateur boxers, white collar boxers as well as novices.

Having both seen the fight game from inside and outside of the ring, I pride myself on defenCe as well as the art of movement and technique. I always focus on Fighting Smart inside the ring and always teach everyone to box intelligently. My style combines old school techniques with new school boxing.

  • England Boxing Coach Level 1

  • Fitness Instructor Level 2

Nicole Thorpe

Yoga Instructor


Nicole is a certified Yoga alliance Teacher and a professional Dancer, who has been working professionally and teaching for the last 5 years. As a dancer Nicole has grown up and worked in a competitive industry and has found Yoga to be life changing for both her physical and mental health. 

‘Yoga is the connection of the mind and body and in my class I aim to bring my students awareness into the present moment to allow them to become the strongest version of themselves, both physically and mentally. I can provide modifications tailored to the needs of each individual for specific postures and aim to teach each student to tune into their own body and what it is they they need from my class. Each session will also include a short meditation or relaxation at the end to encourage you to find a moment of stillness.’


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Level 6 Diploma in Dance

Luca Bigatti

Boxing Instructor


Luca is a skilled amateur boxer
that's currently aiming to step up in the professional game. His passion for the sport is as deep and robust as his attention to detail.

With his passion for teaching what he loves the most that combines boxing techniques and training methods from a diverse background of purely physical skills together with a mindful all round approach.

  • Level 3 Personal Training YMCA

  • 23 Amateur Boxing Fights

  • Aspiring Professional Boxer

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