Our vision is that our gym will grow to become the best boxing gym in the UK offering technical boxing services to people of all abilities and levels. Our mission is simple: we want to offer the best technical boxing training experience to people of all levels by sharing our knowledge, while offering a bespoke and unique training program that is efficient and well structured. We want to help improve people’s quality of life through boxing training, building their confidence, sharpening their mind and teaching them to deal with adversity through the use of martial art principles.

In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.
— W.E.B. Du Bois

Carlos Moreno 

Founding Director

Carlos Moreno is an experienced and dedicated trainer who has been boxing competitively for 8 years and coaching boxing for 7 years.

  • 2018 BBBoC Professional Boxing Trainer License

  • 2018 Trainer of WBA & WBC International Champion Ohara Davies

  • 2014 Portuguese Elite National Champion

  • 2014 Porto City Regional Elite Champion

  • 2014 Swedish International Cup Champion

  • 2013 England Rated Number 8 Lightweight Boxer (Boxing News)

  • 2013 London ABA Elite Championship Semi-finalist

  • 2013 North-west London ABA Elite Champion

  • 2012 Cyprus International Cup Champion

  • 2012 Level 3 Personal Training & Business Planning Diploma

  • 2011 ABAE Boxing Leader Certificate

  • 2009 London Haringey International Cup Champion

  • 2009 Essex University Boxing Club Captain

  • 2008 England Novice ABA Championship National Semi-finalist

  • 2007 London Novice ABA Champion

  • 2007 North-west London Novice ABA Champion

Adrian Petrik

Senior Boxing Instructor & Physio

Adrian was boxing as an amateur boxer in his home country Slovakia before he decided to move to the UK to study sports sciences at university, where he also continued his boxing training and started coaching on a 1-2-1 basis.

  • BSc Degree in Sports Science

  • ABA Boxing Coaching Level 1

  • CYQ Fitness Instructor Level 2

  • Btech Level 3 National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science

  • FA Football Coach Level 3

  • NVQ in Sports Leadership

  • Slovakian National Therapist Diploma

Aron Sweeney

Senior Boxing & MMA Instructor

Aron started Mixed martial arts at the age of 5 In Hoxton where he later became a junior black belt, he then decided to switch to boxing at the age of 16 and has recently started amateur boxing.

Now 19 he has been a personal trainer for 3 years and aims to help everyone leave the gym more technical in boxing and help you sleep like a baby when you get home.

  • Junior black belt (MMA)

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Level 3 personal trainer

Craig West

Senior Boxing Instructor

To Criag there's nothing sweeter than the sweet science of boxing and it's different technical aspects of footwork, ring-craft, sharpness and bio-mechanics. These finer points is what Craig likes to focus on in order to embody the true essence of boxing when teaching the art.

  • 6 Amateur boxing competitions

  • Level 3 personal trainer

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Nutritional advisor

  • FA level 1 football coach

Solomon Adeyi

Senior Boxing Instructor

Solomon Adeyi is a competitive amateur boxer at the famous Repton Boxing Club in East London but he did not always start out at fighter. At a young age, Solomon wanted to become a boxer but his mother looked upon boxing as an unecessary risk for her dear boxing, however despite this Solomon was determined, as he put it:

"After watching Froch vs Groves II, I decided enough is enough. That is when the flame was ignited beyond my belief and it was time to put my passion for the sport to the test."

  • BSc Hons in Sport Studies

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Tomas Cittern Suddaby

Director of Fight Camp & Manager of Boxers

Thomas started boxing at the age of 16 under the tutelage of Carlos Moreno and has been an avid boxing enthusiast every since.Thomas has spent the last few years pouring his energy into powerlifting and Boxing and has recently become a qualified personal trainer.

As a newly qualified personal trainer and boxing coach, Tom has aspirations of competing as a amateur boxing and is working hard towards that goal. Part of his preparation for competition is attending TIB and IBXT classes so don't be surprised if you end up training alongside your coach!

  • level 2 gym instructor

  • Advanced diploma in personal training with YMCA

Ryan Muna

Junior Boxing Instructor

Ryan has been training and competing in fighting for just over six years from a small army town in Hampshire. He was inspired by the power of boxing and its potential to provide a discipline as the foundation for becoming an elite level fighter. He then moved to London and qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer (YMCA), while kickboxing and boxing in different gyms and competitions.

Ryan gained broad knowledge and experience, learning different teaching methods and fighting styles. He's teaching style is calm and patient, focussed on the subtle nuances of boxing technique while helping clients gain a thorough understanding of boxing's fundamental principles. Ryan mentors each client allowing them to work at their own individual pace during a class or PT session.

He's achievements include:

  • Competing in amateur boxing, Muay Thai and cornering fights.

  • Coaching many upcoming fighters in both of these respected martial arts.

  • Level Personal Training Diploma YMCA

"I joined the Moreno boxing as they practice with attention to detail and use modernised teaching methods,  lacking in many old-school style gyms."

Andrea Scibilia

Senior Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor


Andrea has been passionate about combat sports and martial arts since he was a child. He decided to re-locate to the UK to further his understanding of martial arts. Since then he has trained and taught kickboxing and boxing to all ages and competed in a few kickboxing bouts.

  • Fitness Instructor Level 2

  • Xendo Martial Arts Instructor 

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