Why boxing is the ideal discipline for crosstraining

When it comes to fitness people like to pigeonhole themselves according to what discipline they do most of. You hear people saying ‘oh I’d be rubbish at Pilates, I’m a runner’, or ‘Yoga? Pffft, I’m a powerlifter’.

Actually, the truth is that anyone can do anything and you might find that diversifying your workouts will improve your performance in your chosen discipline. Recently athletes such as Tom Daley (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/04/tom-daley-asks-for-help-to-keep-his-modesty-in-trunks/) and the Wigan Warriors rugby team (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39093481) have been turning to things like ballet barre workouts and meditation to increase strength and body control.


In my mind, boxing is the perfect accompaniment to any fitness journey for the following reasons.

1) Mental freshness
If you’re training hard for a certain discipline or event (for example, a marathon), your brain can become too focused on one thing. Shaking up your routine with something completely different can keep your mind fresh, maintain your motivation and give you something to look forward as a break in your training plan

2) Prevents plateaus
The human body loves to get comfortable with whatever it’s being made to do so don’t give it the chance to stop adapting. When the body is adapting you will be taking more steps towards your goals. By mixing up your training and continually pushing yourself you won’t be giving your body a chance to plateau

3) Core strength
Name one sporting discipline or fitness activity that wouldn’t benefit from a stronger core. No? Nothing? That’s because a strong and engaged core is crucial to everyday life as well as exercising. It helps to create a strong posture and will ultimately put you in a good position to reach your goals. Boxing with correct technique creates a strong core and during the TIB and IBXT boxing classes there’s always a focus on improving core strength

4) Improved coordination
Nearly all physical activity requires coordination, whether it’s hand-eye or foot-eye. Think about any kind of running, ball sports or even weight lifting. An increased level of coordination and body awareness will improve performance in all of these. Focusing on boxing techniques like footwork, combos and the speed ball will quickly improve your coordination by forcing your brain to work on multiple movements at the same time

5) Stress reduction
We’ve all been there, you’re training for a running event and you go out and have a bad run. Nothing feels good and you have to stop after 2 miles. With an event coming up this can be stressful and make you wonder why you’re doing it. Sometimes smashing through something else and performing well can boost your confidence and get you back on track. Boxing is a safe way to release stress by practicing hard on the heavy bags and there’s no better feeling than walking out of the gym with your head held high


Guest Post by Sophie Sanderson, @thefitologyway