Solomon Adeyi

Solomon Adeyi is a competitive amateur boxer at the famous Repton Boxing Club in East London but he did not always start out at fighter. At a young age, Solomon wanted to become a boxer but his mother looked upon boxing as an unecessary risk for her dear boxing, however despite this Solomon was determined, as he put it:

“After watching Froch vs Groves II, I decided enough is enough. That is when the flame was ignited beyond my belief and it was time to put my passion for the sport to the test.”

A good friend of WBC Silver World Champion Ohara ‘Two Tanks’ Davies, Solomon started attending late night training sessions with the champ himself and Carlos Moreno at the our Dalston branch. Months passed and Solomon was ready to take on the Repton Boxing Club test, passing with flying colors and gaining a spot on their amateur boxing team. Now Solomon is determined to make the most out the amateur boxing experience, while using his ever increasing boxing knowledge to teach our famous TIB and IBXT classes at Clapham branch.

In his own words again: “Moreno Boxing has always had a special place in my heart, it was truly my first ever boxing gym home. Everyone there made me feel welcome and it helped ease me into the sport far better in comparison to boxing gyms I initially visited. The deciding factor for me was being given the chance to work with Carlos Moreno whome I learned so many things from, as a coach and as a boxer: the fact that the company ethos ties in with my philosophy and beliefs which was the icing on the cake.

I believe my approach on coaching is quite Laissez-Faire style: with the athlete taking ownership in creating their won boxing style, this is important to me. Too many adjustments to an athlete’s style leads to confusion, complication and lack of natural rhythm. I feel it is important to step in as a coach only when necessary, which should be as fewer times such as possible.”


Professional Qualification:

BSc Hons in Sport Studies
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor