Olga Tucakov

Olga started boxing in an amateur boxing club back in Serbia in order to take her fitness to a higher level. Being the most regular in the club, attending two sessions per day, and on the way to her strength and conditioning certification, she started assisting her coach with warm-up, mobility and strength exercises and, eventually, became the assistant coach. After completing her Fitness and Strength and Conditioning certifications, she moved to London to continue her education and professional development. Olga is now a certified boxing coach and fitness trainer, who focuses her studies on boxing conditioning in order to combine the well-known old school training methods with the latest scientific approach. Always on top of the latest research, you can ask her about exercise physiology, nutrition, supplementation, motor learning or proper exercise technique.

Having learned from coaches who emphasized defensive tactics, Olga will teach you not only how to hit, but how to avoid being hit. As a S&C coach she knows that correct technique is the key to an injury-free athletic development. Learn how to properly execute your movements, whether for boxing or developing strength, power, speed, agility or mobility. While friendly and approachable at all times, during the classes she requires discipline and hard work.

Boxing Experience and Honours


  • 2015 Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • 2015 Red Corner Certified Boxing Coach
  • 2015  ISSA Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • 2014 Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer (Level 3)
  • 2011 Bachelor with Honours in Tourism Management