Craig West

A very warm and charismatic person, Craig was on the same boxing team as Carlos Moreno and that is where they became friends. He was known for always talking about boxing and beaming his trademark smile. Craig stood out as an enthusiastic boxer with a passion for the finer points of coaching proper technique using pad-work drills.
Craig got into boxing as he felt that he needed to learn what it teaches about discipline, self-belief and the importance of good nutrition and living a healthy life.
To Criag there’s nothing sweeter than the sweet science of boxing and it’s different technical aspects of footwork, ring-craft, sharpness and bio-mechanics. These finer points is what Craig likes to focus on in order to embody the true essence of boxing when teaching the art.

Craig’s Experience and Qualifications:

  • 6 Amateur boxing competitions
  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Nutritional advisor
  • FA level 1 football coach