Carlos Moreno


Carlos Moreno was born in Lisbon and moved to London at the age of eight as he wanted to live with his older brother. At the age of 15 his brother started teaching him martial arts and since then Carlos has not looked back. He started training in boxing on and off at the age of 16 but it wasn’t until he’s 18th birthday that he decided to start competing, having his first fight only three months later. Carlos showed early promise due to his natural athleticism and love for the sport, he was very talented but lacked consistency early in his career which lead to a bumpy start… After a two year break he returned to the sport more invigorated and went on to win multiple international championship medals, which culminated in the capture of his first elite national championship title in Portugal (2014).

With over 30 amateur boxing fights in his resume Carlos has learned a lot about boxing, and having turned down a few opportunities to turn professional he is now 100% dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences with his clients at Moreno Boxing. Carlo’s  boxing style is extremely technical and he is known for his fluid footwork and ability to judge distance, using his boxing talent he teaches clients how to move eloquently around the ring while, throwing deadly sharp punching combinations. In establishing Moreno Boxing Carlo’s mission is to teach proper boxing techniques to people of all abilities and levels, as he believes that anyone, regardless of natural talent stands to gain a lot of benefits from boxing training with regards to; fitness, confidence and skill. This is why he developed Technical Intensive Boxing® which a unique training formula that helps people learn boxing skills through reinforced repetition in a highly effective format, leading to improved fitness and a bigger understanding of boxing technique.


Boxing Experience and Honours


  • 2014 Portuguese Elite National Champion
  • 2014 Porto City Regional Elite Champion
  • 2014 Swedish International Cup Champion
  • 2013 England Rated Number 8 Lightweight Boxer (Boxing News)
  • 2013 London ABA Elite Championship Semi-finalist
  • 2013 North-west London ABA Elite Champion
  • 2012 Cyprus International Cup Champion
  • 2012 Level 3 Personal Training & Business Planning Diploma
  • 2011 ABAE Boxing Leader Certificate
  • 2009 London Haringey International Cup Champion
  • 2009 Essex University Boxing Club Captain
  • 2008 England Novice ABA Championship National Semi-finalist
  • 2007 London Novice ABA Champion
  • 2007 North-west London Novice ABA Champion


Fight Videos:

Carlos Moreno Boxing – Portuguese Elite Championship Finals 2014

Carlos Moreno vs Telmo Lopes, 60kg FPB Porto Regional Elite Finals 2014

Carlos Moreno vs Arena – 60kg FPB Porto Regional Semi Finals 2014

Carlos Moreno 60kg, FPB Porto Regional Quarter Finals 2014

Carlos ‘Special One’ Moreno vs Osman – Swedish National Champion

Carlos Moreno vs Shafiola Shaffai 60kg

Carlos Moreno vs Mohammed Gharib 60kg, February 2014

Carlos Moreno vs Anthony Procomenos, Northwest London ABA 2013

Carlos Moreno vs Dave Leo 3, 2013 Elite Contest

Carlos Moreno Rep North vs South London 2012

Carlos Moreno vs Dave Leo 2, England ABA Semi Finals (Novices) 2008

Carlos Moreno vs Dave Leo 1 2007

Carlos Moreno vs Anthony Procomenos, Northwest London ABA (Novices) 2007

Carlos Moreno vs Carl Marsh – March 2007