Adrian Petrick

Adrian was boxing as an amateur boxer in his home country Slovakia before he decided to move to the UK to study sports sciences at London Southbank University, where he also worked as a boxing coach. Adrian is not only a keen student of the art of boxing but he is also a graduate in sports sciences and therapies,this means that he is able to combine the experience and knowledge of boxing with his advanced study of sports sciences.

Adrian’s very skilful with the focus mitts (pads) and is able to put together very long punching combinations that usually has his clients sweating and out of breath. He is very focused and when in the gym likes to get straight to work, getting clients shadow boxing, teaching the basics to beginners and introducing his trademark long punching combinations. As a sports science graduate and qualified physiotherapist, Adrian knows how to structure boxing classes for participants of all abilities and fitness levels in a way that is very safe and helps them gain the most from each class.


Experience and qualifications:


  • BSc Degree in Sports Science
  • ABA Boxing Coaching Level 1
  • CYQ Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • Btech Level 3 National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
  • FA Football Coach Level 3
  • NVQ in Sports Leadership
  • Slovakian National Therapist Diploma