Andrei Schiller-Chan

Andrei Schiller-Chan is a Certified Boxing Coach, and Amateur Boxer fighting at State Level and has a combined record of 11 amateur and competitive fights. As a coach, he has 4 and half years of experience in teaching the art of boxing and has retired from the ring to focus more on teaching and learning this new skill.
He was mentored & coached by Pradeep Singh for 5 years, the WBO and WBC Middleweight Champion of Asia Pacific and brings with him techniques and methods developed by his coach and team who have gone onto win state and national finals. Andrei’s classes, besides boxing conditioning, bring mindfulness to body, breath and presence through the application of boxing’s science.

On the side Andrei is also a theatre producer and Director. The other half of his time is working as a Voice Coach and is currently completing his Masters In Voice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He has mentored professionals, actors, public speakers and icons, and is currently in pre production for producing his next theatre production ‘The Island’ by Athol Fugard.