Technical Intensive Boxing Training®

An innovative and unique boxing training formula that revolves around using technical boxing drills and workouts, that allow participants of all levels to learn, develop and refine boxing skills and abilities. These drills and workouts also improve coordination, power, speed, balance agility and boost mental performance, and were developed by our founder and international amateur boxing champion Carlos ‘Special One’ Moreno.

Years of boxing training and international competitions have allowed Carlos to compile training diaries, manuals, and videos detailing all his daily activities while competing in the sport of boxing. These diaries list everything from training times, dates, food consumption and training methods and techniques. Once he retired from the sport Carlos used the training techniques and methods that were in his diaries to compile a training manual in order to pass on knowledge to less experienced boxers. He quickly realized that a lot of the training techniques were also useful for teaching beginner boxers and he started testing out the concept in his boxing classes which soon grew in popularity and became what is now known as TIB Training®.

The main unique aspect of this training program is that it implements a wide variety of new school and old school boxing training drills and techniques. Using Technical Intensive Boxing® we help our clients understand the importance of learning good technique and implementing this technique during training. Through our unique technical drills we reinforce proper boxing through meticulous repetition and concentration, which will help you to refine your movements and improve your technique and fitness.

Working through our bespoke Technical Intensive Boxing® training program will see you improve your fitness levels and develop good boxing skill. The fluent repetition of the boxing movement using correct technique helps to work specific muscle groups that you would otherwise not reach, helping to tone these muscles leads to improved strength, coordination and endurance. A lot of our drills are also cardiovascular based so you can expect to sweat and lose a lot of weight in the process, all while still learning proper boxing with the main benefits of TIB® training leading to:

  • -Improved cardiovascular and muscular fitness
  • -Improved technical boxing ability
  • -Leaner and more toned muscles
  • -Improved balance and coordination 

In essence what we do at Moreno Boxing is teach you how to be a fighter without the need for you to actually fight. You will learn the real art of boxing and gain an appreciation for the intricacies of it’s sweet science and the way boxing teaches you to persevere and never give up.TIB_LOGO_R_01