Intensive Boxing Cross Training®

Our second program Intensive Boxing Cross Training® (IBXT®) will see you training in a variety of other exercises alongside the boxing. With our unique IBXT® workouts you can expect a much stiffer challenge where you will not only be learning boxing but will be cross training in kettle bells, battle ropes, weights, sprinting, skipping and more! All of the exercises from IBXT® are designed so that they help you improve specific aspects of your fitness that relate to your boxing performance such as speed, agility, power, strength, coordination etc. This results in you becoming fitter, faster and stronger, which in turn directly translates to an improvement in your boxing ability as all the exercises are specific towards eliminating your weaknesses and building on your strengths.

Our IBXT programme can incorporate a wide variety of training methods, exercises and techniques which make it applicable to a wider group of participants than other available training methods. The cross training element keeps things interesting and fresh as there is always a new exercise to explore that will see you get the best out of your training, which in turn keeps your body constantly adapting to new challenges as you get fitter.

The IBXT program is not just about doing a bunch of different exercises to avoid tedium, instead we really aim to teach and implement proper technique during exercises. We don’t just ask clients to perform an exercise without first analysing whether they are at the suited level and capable of performing the exercises correctly and safely. We go lengths to ensure that we explain and demonstrate the proper technique in each and every exercise, whether that includes boxing, weight training, running etc.

IBXT is in continuity with our values and the way we approach boxing training by specializing in teaching proper technique in order to help our clients get maximum gains both technically and fitness wise. In the same way that we reinforce proper boxing technique, through IBXT we also reinforce and apply proper technique regardless of the exercises that we ask you to perform, to ensure that your muscles are fully engaged, that you utilise proper form and structure and develop an understanding of how to get the best out of your body.

Below are just some of the benefits associated with IBXT training and how it translates to an improved performance in your boxing:

  • -Improving cardio = you can box for longer
  • -Improving posture and form = you look better and more fluid
  • -Increasing lower body strength = improved footwork
  • -Increasing core strength = more power in your punches
  • -Improving overall fitness = better overall boxer