6 Brand New Gym Equipment Items Coming to Moreno Boxing

Last month there a lot of additions to the Moreno Boxing gym and so I decided to write a post about all the great improvements, while also highlighting some of the new things coming to our gym later on. Let me begin by introducing our new boxing equipment:

1. Jordan Fitness Squat Stand

Along with the additional 110 kg of weights and a 20 kg Olympic size bar, this inclusion was a must at Moreno Boxing and with the new IBXT classes proving ever more popular, we needed to give the instructors a little more fire power in their armoury. This squat stand is perfect for heavy lifting, everything from deadlifts to bench presses can be completed smoothly using this new toy.











2. Bodymax CF412 Folding Personal Trainer Bench

This folding exercise bench is a great little addition and compliments our new squat rack well. It’s small footprint will ensure that our studio remains organised and tidy, while helping you push your workouts to the limit when doing weights.













3. BBE Coaching Sparring Gloves

These coaching gloves are not only used for sparring but they are also used as striking mitts, making them a versatile tool in a serious boxing coach’s arsenal. Expect to have the coaches throwing fast punches at you while you try to evade while striking back, testing your agility, timing and power.













4. Winning Boxing CM-25 Stick Punch Mitts

This Japanese innovation is the coolest piece of gear we have added to our gym yet! It’s a high a pair of high velocity striking sticks used to improve punching accuracy and speed. It’s also great for teaching defence and head movement techniques, so get your head in gear and come ready to be tested!













5. Reception Desk

While this is not exactly gym equipment it will help to make our gym look more professional and organised. We will be providing protein shakes, nutrition bars and water bottles at the gym soon, so a proper reception desk is a must!












6. Double Door Back Bar Bottle Cooler

Again not exactly gym equipment but we have also decided to include a cooler in our purchase list, which will be punching out cool refreshments for your consumption during lesson.